How to Avoid Panic Buying

For whatever reason, people tend to wait until the last minute to start preparing for the worst. This unfortunate aspect of human nature causes chaos when disaster strikes, and people try desperately to make up for their lack of preparedness (though it’s often too late).

Man holding out several twenty dollar bills

Take Hurricane Irma for example. Some headlines warned of inevitable price gouging on essential supplies like water bottles, which, in turn, started selling for $100 online. This price surge, of course, caused people to panic and buy as many expensive water bottles as they could. However, most of them could have simply used their hoses or sinks to fill empty milk cartons and soda bottles with tap water.

Learn how to avoid panic buying!

Don’t Panic

Panic can end up causing many people to stock up on tons of stuff they think they’ll need, when lots of it is unnecessary and just eats up storage space. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy for anyone to know which items you’ll really need versus which ones won’t be of use in the end. But don’t panic!

Start Now

The best thing to do is to start planning now. Begin building up your storage little by little and carefully research what’s really necessary. There are tons of resources on Prepper’s Base that can aid you in deciding what to buy and what not to buy.

Don’t wait too long to start buying, however, because you never know when something bad might happen. You’ll want to get started right away with the essentials, and then slowly add other things to your supply that you think are important as well.

Make a List

Another great thing to do is to have a list of items you want, and to periodically check their prices so you can purchase them when they’re most affordable. But again, don’t wait too long for the perfect price, because it may never come. Just try to save where and when you can.

So get ahead of the game and avoid the stress and disappointment of panic buying by collecting the things you really need starting now. There’s nothing better than the peace of mind that comes with preparedness!