Benefits of Having a Concealed Carry Permit

In America today, gun laws are a very hot topic. Despite the 2nd Amendment granting the right to bear arms, many people have argued about the limitations of such a law. Therefore, federal and state laws have been passed to help control and appease both sides of the debate. However, as any prepper knows, self-defense is a very important part of preparation, and one thing that will help tremendously with self-defense is a Concealed Carry Permit.


Man in suit unholstering concealed handgun

Learn more about a Concealed Carry Permit and the benefits of having one in an emergency.

How to Get a Concealed Carry Permit

Due to the fluctuating laws from state to state, it can be very difficult to keep track of what the regulations are for a Concealed Carry Permit and what is considered lawful under that permit. For example, do you know when “self-defense” is lawful in your state? Are the gun laws in Texas as strict as the gun laws in California?

Knowing the difference between these laws can make a huge difference in how you can defend what’s yours. To get a Concealed Carry Permit, you must attend classes that educate you on the laws of your state and when it is appropriate to carry, open carry, or even discharge your gun. Those with a permit end up being much more educated on the gun laws of their area, whether they own an actual gun or not.

And with that Concealed Carry Permit come several benefits!

1. Help Calm the Police

When pulled over by police, a concealed carry permit can show the officer that you have undergone the necessary training and background checks to have a permit. When officers see that you have a permit, they can assume that you are a law-abiding citizen.

Police officers often respect those that have gone through the proper legal channels to obtain and carry a gun. When you are upfront about owning and possessing a gun with an officer, this resolves any concerns they may have about your criminal history, which is important if they notice the gun in your vehicle.


Handgun hidden in a clothing drawer

2. Easier to Purchase Firearms

Firearms are an important aspect of self-defense and will likely be found among any prepper’s survival supplies. Every state requires a background check before they allow you to purchase a gun. However, several states waive this requirement for those that already possess a Concealed Carry Permit. This will make your weapon purchases smoother and quicker.

3. More Protection

Concealed Carry Permits allow you to have a gun on you or close to you that is concealed. Each state has slightly different laws about when and where you can open carry, but having a gun nearby can do a lot in terms of protection. Average police response time to an emergency is estimated at 11 minutes. When it comes to dangerous situations, this may be too long. Owning a gun and knowing when and how to use it can deter crime and make the difference in your survival, especially during natural disasters or epidemics when police attention is distracted.

4. Increased Constitutional Pride

Although the Constitution grants “the right to bear arms,” many people might say that you still need licenses and permits to own guns. Despite the fact, gun owners proudly go through all of these hoops to show they are willing to spend time and expenses to prove they are law-abiding. It is hard to argue against the character of someone who is willing to follow the letter of the law. Gun owners can take pride in the fact that they are exercising the unalienable rights that were given to them by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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