How to Choose a Bug-Out Location

So the moment you’ve been prepping for has finally come. Whether it’s a hurricane, a nuclear bomb, or maybe even the zombie apocalypse, you need somewhere to run. Fast.

Though the hideout of your dreams might be a rural house with lots of land, these spots are sometimes too hard to get to when trying to avoid danger. That’s why all preppers should have a back-up plan for where else they can bug-out when the time comes.

Blue car riding down a tree-lined road

Check out these tips to select your bug-out location!


Choose a location that is a safe distance from the disaster and has the means for you to become self sustaining. The “right location” will depend on what kind of environment you live in and what resources are available there. Do a bit of research beforehand to figure out what your best options are.

Whether it’s unused land or a farm that a fellow prepper is letting you stay on, you’ll need a good shelter like a van or portable house that will keep you out of harm’s way. If you’re somewhere that’s exposed and in the open, you will probably want to be as far away from other people as possible to properly protect yourself if needed.


As you plan your bug-out location, you should also think about how you’ll get there. If you plan to travel by motorcycle or car, you need to keep your vehicle tuned up and ready to go at all times.

Additionally, keep some gas canisters stored somewhere close by in case gas stations aren’t available during the disaster. You definitely don’t want to be stranded somewhere that the zombies can get to you.

Another good tip is to map several possible routes to your selected location so that if one route ends up leading you through a danger zone, you already have another option or two that are ideally safer.

Having a good bug-out plan is key in keeping you protected during a disaster. Choose your location carefully, and check out this article for more details about what bugging out entails. Good luck and stay safe, preppers!