Does the Color of Your Gun Matter?

The color of your gun may seem like an unimportant detail, but as preppers, we should always be thinking ahead and planning for as many factors as possible so that we’re ready for anything when catastrophe strikes.

Rifle and pistol with ammo

In battle situations, some people have questioned why black guns are still used even though black is not a naturally-occurring color, becoming easier for potential attackers to spot from a distance. In fact, when scouts in the army are searching for enemies, they’re trained to look for black, angular objects because they’re universally man-made.

Though we may not be involved in any battle like a soldier in the Army, there is still the potential risk of being attacked to some degree when in a disaster situation. Whether it be looters or zombies that invade your property with bad intentions, the color of your gun could make a difference in their ability to successfully take you down.

To make your gun a bit harder to spot, you’ll want to look for a way to camouflage it. That may not necessarily mean that you need to get a realistic tree pattern painted onto it, however. Simply painting your gun a tan, brown, or other neutral color that blends in to your surroundings is most likely enough for it to be a lot less visible to your enemies.

All that being said, you may not want your gun to be so camouflaged that you lose track of it and can’t find it when you need it most. If you more prone to losing your belongings, it might be best for your it to be a color that is more easily visible. You won’t even be able to worry about whether attackers can see your gun or not if you can’t actually find it in the first place.

So think carefully about which type of person you are before you start painting it, because the answer to which color is best won’t be the same for everyone.

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