Find the Best Portable BBQ Grill

SE Grill- Portable Folding BBQ

  • Size (folded): 9.5” x 9.5 x ⅜
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Material: “Steel Material”

fold-able grill for the outdoors

The SE Portable folding grill is great for portability because of its lightweight design, but its durability is slightly lacking. The grill is simple, lightweight, and easy to set up, making it perfect for backpacking, or short camping trips. At less than a pound, it will help to keep your pack lightweight and manageable.

The major drawback to this grill is that many users have reported that it warps after being subjected to high heat. After warping the grill is very difficult to put back together again, and in some cases renders it unusable.

At only $8.13 this grill comes at a great value, but it should be considered more as a temporary, disposable grill than as a long-term, dependable one.


Prepper’s Base- Outdoor Portable Foldable BBQ Grill

  • Size (set up): 29.5” x 24 x 13
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum/ Stainless Steel

fold-able grill for prepping

The Prepper’s Base Grill is great because of its simplicity and portability. Its self-contained, sleek design makes it the perfect addition to any bug-out bag or set of backpacking equipment, and it’s ease of use ensures quick setup and takedown no matter the situation.

The mixture of aluminum and stainless steel keeps this grill lightweight, yet durable. You can boil a whole pot of water on it, but at just over one pound, it is one of the lightest grills on the market.

At $49.95 this grill is a safe bet for those looking for both portability and endurance.


Esbit- Portable Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill with Carrying Bag

  • Size (folded): 12” x 9 x 3.5
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs
  • Material: Stainless Steel

fold-able grill for outdoor use

This grill is top of the line in almost every way. Made of durable, non-corrosive stainless steel, it is sure to last you for years to come. Its height and weight make this grill less portable, but its dependability and versatility make it hard to beat.

One of the top features of this grill is its stability and large, height-adjustable cooking surface, which allow for cooking a wide range of foods. It has enough room to cook a meal for 2-3 people, and enough strength to hold more than a pot of water on its surface.

At $74.20 this grill is on the pricier end of things, but its versatility and strength help make up for that.