Grading The Top 4 Apocalypse-Proof Housing Options


The end of the world has always been a topic that garners much attention. Whether it be from zombie infections, natural disasters, nuclear war, or an ape uprising, being concerned for your safety is a real thing once the apocalypse hits. One of the biggest decisions a prepper could make is which kind of housing to get, housing that is proven to protect you and your loved ones. So, we’ve compiled a list of the four most common survivalist housing options and graded them based on five criteria to help you select the best option.



underground bomb shelter

Many people have found success in renovating old government bomb shelters or missile silos, and for good reason too. Smithsonian Magazine reported in 2012 that bomb shelters have become the next hot item on the survivalist market. Options range from group shelters to private ones, and they have a large price range as well. Because they are situated underground with very few access points, your family’s security can be protected by isolation.

Liveability: A

Protection: A-

Affordability: B-

Secrecy: A

Storage Capacity: A+





shipping container home

Recently, Gizmodo reported that shipping containers were so successful among survivalists that they have been adopted by governments around the world and private citizens as well. The steel boxes are completely secure and provide the option for expansion on a budget––making them the most flexible option available.

Liveability: A-

Protection: A

Affordability: A

Secrecy: C+

Storage Capacity: A (expandable)





survival tube

The idea behind a buried survival tube isn’t new––just think of the small family bomb shelters of the Cold War era. In fact, many companies, such as Atlas Survival Shelters, have been created just to provide this form of shelter. Not only does this option provide users with the ultimate secrecy, but it also provides a moderately comfortable living space for a small family. Perfect for a short-term stay underground, these facilities have built-in air filtration to withstand a nuclear attack of any scale.

Liveability: B+

Protection: A+

Affordability: B

Secrecy: A

Storage Capacity: B





fortified RV for survival living

Survival meets utility in the form of fortified RVs. Options range from custom RVs to modified Hummers, which means that there is an option to suit everyone. One company, EarthRoamer, produces special models with solar panels and support systems to keep you off the grid for extended periods of time. If mobility is your goal, look no further.

Liveability: A

Protection: B

Affordability: A

Secrecy: B+

Storage Capacity: C+



When it comes to choosing your survival housing, be wise. For prepping and survivalist news, tips, and products, be sure to visit