How to Prep With Limited Storage Space

No matter how much gear you have, there’s always more that you could get. Unfortunately, prepping gear can take up a lot of space. No matter how much home storage you have, there’s a chance that it just won’t be enough for all your gear. But here are some ways you can maximize your space for prepping gear.


Handgun hidden in a clothing drawer

Hide Self Defense Gear

Undoubtedly, some of your prepping gear will involve home or self defense. It may be a good idea to spread some of your defense tools around the house or apartment. The shotgun under your bed will not do you any good if you are in the kitchen when you need it. The best places to hide weapons are discreet locations that are easily accessible.

No matter where you put your gear, make sure that children would be completely unable to hurt themselves with it. It’s highly possible that your young child will find an unsecured gun. Take care of that first risk by thinking carefully about where your gear will be hidden. Also, don’t forget where you put your gear!

Get Organized

Things take up a lot more space when they’re not organized. Storage bins are great for organizing your gear and maximizing space because you can stack them to fill available space. Whether you use storage bins or not, make sure that all your gear has a spot and it’s contained.

Use Your Yard

For your gear that isn’t too sensitive to weather or temperature, you can buy or build a small shelter to store your gear outside year round. A shelter will provide more space and make sure your prepping equipment and supplies are safer. Plus, an outdoor shed can help store your lawn equipment. A small shelter outside will clear space in your house and doesn’t have to take up much yard space.

Look for Gear with Multiple Functions

Another idea to keep in mind when prepping with limited space is to choose gear that has multiple functions. And we aren’t just talking about multi-purpose army knives; get survival hatchets, tarps, and other items that can meet multiple needs.

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