Purifier Drinking Straws: Prepper’s Base vs. LifeStraw vs. vs. Frontier Straw Filter

Water is essential to life, but when you drink unfiltered water you are getting a lot more than just H2O. You can get chlorine, fluorine compounds, bacteria, assorted hormones, and pesticides. You can protect yourself and get better, cleaner tasting water by filtering your water through a purifier drinking straw. There are a lot of filters out there but which are the best? We have three recommendations for the best purifying drinking straws on the market–whether your budget is big or small.

Prepper’s Base Purifier Drinking Straw – $49.95 

purifier drinking straw tool

The Purifier Drinking Straw from Prepper’s Base is a must-have survival tool. It will filter up to 1,000 liters of water, eliminating harmful particles that can make you sick. The Purifier Drinking Straw filters sewage, dirt, bacteria, and more to make your water healthier and cleaner. It has a sterilization rate of 99.99% so you can be sure that drinking through your Prepper’s Base Purifier Drinking Straw is safe. The Purifier Straw will save your water now and for years to come. It lasts up to 5 years after your first use. It is the best straw on the market for a bigger budget.


Mini Water Filter by Sawyer – $24.99


water purifier drinking straw

The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a high performance filter that weighs 2 ounces and filters up to 100,000 gallons. The Mini Water Filter can be attached to a collapsible drinking pouch, hydration pack, a soda bottle, or you can use the drinking straw to drink directly from any water source. There are no expensive cartridges to replace in the Mini Water Filter and you can restore 98.5% of the flow rate over time by proper backwashing. The Mini Water Filter is a great option for a moderate budget.


Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filtration and Straw – $11.99

water purifier drinking straw

The Frontier Straw Filter is a pocket-sized purification straw with a compact and lightweight design. The Frontier Straw filters up to 30 gallons and weighs 1 ounce. The Frontier Straw uses Aquamira BLU Line protection that is ideal for fast moving streams and springs. You can also use the straw to filter water from a cup or bottle. Frontier Straw Filter uses coconut shell carbon to reduce waterborne chemicals to improve taste, smell, and clarity. The Frontier Straw Filter is made in the USA and is BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free. The Frontier Straw Filter is a great option for those wanting clean water without breaking the bank.