Ready for Anything: Why Preppers Have the Right Idea

Prepping isn’t just for the paranoid and zombie-fearing. An emergency could be anything from an apocalypse to a bee sting, and it’s best to be prepared for anything, big or small. Here are some of the many reasons why preppers have the right idea:


camping out in the wildernessThey Know How to Camp

Preppers know how to survive in a disaster, so it’s safe to assume they know the expert tips of a recreational camping trip. If you decide to temporarily return to nature on a camping trip, you should be prepared for emergencies. Unless the campout is in your fenced-in backyard, it’s possible you might have a run-in with the natural side of nature (think more spiders and bears and less gardens with water fountains). Bring a First Aid kit, supplies to prepare and cook food, protection from rain, proper clothes for hot or cold weather, sunscreen, bug repellent, maps, and anything else that will make the trip enjoyable and safe. Make sure to store food in bear-proof containers if you need to.


They Keep Emergency Materials like Food Storage, Water, and Generators

Preppers store food for apocalyptic type emergencies, but that’s not the only time food storage comes in handy. You could lose your job and need to use food storage to keep your family eating. There could be an earthquake, a flood, a pandemic, or any other type of emergency. As far as weather goes, there are extremes like Katrina, and storms that only temporarily take out your electricity. Keep a generator as a short-term solution, food storage for being snowed in or for more long-lasting emergencies, and other supplies like water, blankets, candles, and so on.


They Have the Knowledge and Tools to Fix a Carknowledge on how to fix a car

Your car could break down anywhere, from a long road trip in a deserted area, to a neighborhood where you can ask for help. Keep tools with you and know how to use them so you can fix your car in an emergency (or help other people when they are in trouble). In addition to keeping tools in your car, it would also be a good idea to keep things like a First Aid kit, food and water, blanket, flashlight, etc.


They Have Medicine and First Aid Kits

This is an important thing to keep both for small emergencies or big disasters. You should have one stored in your home, and another one that is portable––either ready to take camping, on long trips, or to keep in a backpack for a disaster that pushes you out of your home.


preppers can easily start fires

They Have Useful Skills

Many preppers are able to start a fire with a battery and gum wrapper. They know about survival superfoods that work well for storage, and they know how to purify water for drinking.




Some survival skills are about more than just emergency preparedness. Develop skills for an emergency, and you will also have the skills to be more self-sufficient in non-disaster situations. Natural disasters and emergencies happen, but there’s no reason to go shouting about the end of the world, or worry that everything that could go wrong will go wrong. For example, you shouldn’t get onto a plane in a panic, expecting that you are going to crash. But it won’t hurt to have survival skills like this seven year old, just in case. If you are just getting into survivalism and preparation, don’t start off by hiding alone in an underground shelter, sure of the human race’s fast approaching demise. You can stay living amongst the still surviving humans, while being prepared for any emergency that could come your way, common or not.
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